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John Branyan: Supporting Slavery & Endorsing Murder


Let’s hope the people of the Christian Comedy Association mentioned below know who they have in their ranks. This is one of many comments made by Branyan which qualify as hate speech. 

J. Earle

M. Simpson

R. Roberts

C. Kaiser

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      1. Is he sending you podcasts of his standup routines? If so, your blog here has truly gotten under his skin. Nothing a hyper-sensitive comedian wants less than to be mocked for what a bad comedian he is. (Though Branyan is about as talented and funny as any human being has a right to be.) Plus, you calling out is hate mongering has crawled underneath his hate-filled flesh as well.

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  1. This site’s going to haunt him if he’s ever popular enough to go mainstream. I don’t know if any of his peers will do anything before that happens. Many fans of the sub-genre of comedy like his theology, and they’re cool with treating the subject matter as a joke.

    Now, coffee companies changing their December cup designs on the other hand…

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      1. You, my friend, are awesome! Not as awesome as Branyan is funny for that simply is not humanly possible, but awesome nonetheless. And Danville, Il, which I saw mentioned here somewhere, is, I believe Dick Van Dyke and his counterpart, Robert Petrie’s home town. How proud Mr. Van Dyke would be of Branyan’s wit, homophobia, genocidal ideologies, and stance on slavery, eh? 🙂 Evangelicals! Ya gots ta love ’em!

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      2. That’s more response than my cynicism would allow me to hope for. Then again, I don’t know what venues he plays at. I live in a part of the country where he’d be nominally popular, and more than a few people would support what he says and does.

        I need to get out more.

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