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The Dangerously Triggered John Branyan

UPDATE: Branyan has now used the contact form on this site three times in less than 20 hours. He’s normally very happy to leave comments anywhere and everywhere with his hate speech, but he went very quiet after I announced blog owners had access to the IP’s of people leaving comments.

Just to recap, moments after this site went up Branyan organised a dump of comments defending him. It turns out all were routed from servers in his close vicinity. In all likelihood members of his religious extremist circle (if not Branyan himself.)

His knowledge on the issue is so limited he thinks that by using the WP email function instead of writing a comment his details will be hidden. They’re not.

Time: April 4, 2019 at 5:47 pm
IP Address: xx.45.142.24
Contact Form URL:

Sent by a verified user.

All roads lead back to places close to Kokomo, Indiana.

I’m now investigating his links to Crossroads Church in Danville and will report on that shortly. They may be at least in part the source of the hate propaganda he’s been disseminating online.

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    1. People like Branyan are incapable of taking responsibility. Have you noticed how readily he lies, even when the evidence disproving him is incontrovertible?
      He’s essentially a grifter. Playing word games to try to get away with hate speech. Now he says he’s been taken out of context, as if there’s a context where genocide is a good thing and killing gays or slavery are acceptable.


      1. that’s pretty common with Christians. They can worship their vicious god but say “oh it’s God that says, this horrible thing, not me.” The more I consider religion, I find it to be nothing more than a common mental illness, and that is coming from a gal who is currently dealing with her spouse in the depressive phase of his bipolar.


      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. The previous town I lived in had some sort of KKK complex. I didn’t hear about it until I moved there. I never saw any KKK activity but it’s kind of crazy to think that it is in the town one lives in. I’ve since moved, lol

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      2. Oh, I don’t know if their town is still a hotbed of institutionalised racism. If I remember correctly, this massive public gathering was many decades ago. I would hope the passage of time and education has left people understanding that if the greatest achievement of your life is being born white then you’re not much of a human being.

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    1. Yes 😀
      But seriously, I think it depends. The media is often responsible for irresponsible coverage where they serve as a platform for unchecked falsehoods to be perpetuated (often for the ratings generated by the controversy alone). That can only end badly as we’ve seen with anti-vaccination, conversion therapy and other fraudulent “treatments”. But reporting people’s activities to challenge what they do, that I think is important.

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  1. Interesting where the peas pod. You know after Mark Fuhrman retired after the OJ case, he moved to Hayden Lake, Idaho. Of all the places in the world, he moved to the center of white supremacy. Weird.

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