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Branyan & Child Rape

First I have to say Mr. Branyan continues sending emails. Now with links to paedophilia texts. He’s evidently a much more disturbed individual than I’d previously imagined. The regularity of his online hate speech should have been a clue he’s someone in profound psychological, perhaps even psychiatric, distress. Hate can act on the brain in ways similar to drug addiction.

The obvious problem with Mr. Branyan’s misleading statements is that in civilised societies we have the concept of consent. It’s a moral concept and it’s also a legal concept. Consent is the difference between a person entering your house as a guest, or trespassing. It’s the difference between someone borrowing your car or a thief stealing it. It’s the difference between consensual sexual relations and rape. But most importantly in regards to his comment is that every civilised country without exception has established that children are not capable of making major life decisions. Children cannot drink, drive, enter legal contracts, join the military, or consent to sexual activity.

When Mr. Branyan says the world’s doors are open to paedophilia because of homosexuality, he’s promoting the rape of children; Because children are not capable of consent. To say the two things are the same is to set aside the fundamental factors that separate legality and illegality in sexual activity: age and consent.

This variety of narrative is exceptionally dangerous because the vast majority of LGBT people lead decent, respectable lives. We go to school, we work, we fall in love, we have friends and family. We pay taxes. We get up every day and we do our best to make our way through this life without hurting anyone. Just like everyone else. So when our sexual orientation is put on the same level as heinous criminal activity – we are being demeaned and dehumanised. We are being wrongfully accused of activity that causes harm to our fellow citizens. By creating this false narrative, people like Mr. Branyan are damaging society. They’re damaging real lives. The result is often violence, sometimes death. In Brazil alone an LGBT person is murdered for being LGBT every 16 hours. Decapitations, stonings and other forms of extreme violence are not uncommon. The people in the picture below were all victims of murders last year.


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  1. You have only dipped a toe in ocean of problems with the argument that he puts forward. But he, and others, will persist in it because it suits their purpose, which is finally the construction of a bulwark against their own psychological weakness.
    I am not a fan of moral realism, but I hate to see it so mistreated.

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      1. And you don’t get on more dangerous ground than that.
        When he sent the paedophilia texts last night I had to stop and wonder what sort of person goes online to google that type of thing? His fixation is disturbing, to say the least.

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  2. As a companion to this site you need to create a Colorstorm comedy site. He is the real comic. See we have a comic who actually preaches hate speech, and then we have Colorstorm who preaches, but it ends up being a hilarious comic. Throw his flat earth stuff in there and it becomes quite a joyful treat to read. 🙂

    Well done all this Pink. His views are extremely troubling.

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      1. Nothing obscure about that comedy. It’s universally hilarious isn’t it? Lol

        But referring to Colorstorm… If you don’t think Hyena’s with wings and pea shooters sinning submarines isn’t comical then I don’t know what to tell ya. Lol

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      2. Did you watch Making a Murderer? When I saw the Avery family, Colorstorm made a lot more sense to me. I think many of us live in a bubble where we deal mostly with people of somewhat similar education and background – then you see people like the Avery’s who despite incredibly low iq’s seem to keep themselves alive, pay bills and all that – and then you realise Colorstorm is one of those people.

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