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Consequences of Vilification: The Transphobic Mob Attack in Paris

This video has shocked France. Last week, Julia, a transgender woman in her early 30’s was trying to get on the subway when a group of young men blocked her going down the stairs. One asked if she was a man or a woman. Another grabbed at her breasts and buttock. Another exposed himself. Two onlookers, including a young woman, tried to help. Fortunately authorities soon arrived and the situation was de-escalated. Julia has presented a formal complaint against her attackers and the police case is ongoing.

In a positive turn of events Julia has been invited on various television programs to describe what it’s like to be the victim of a mob. How quickly taunts turned into chanting, which then turned into violence. We can all imagine how badly this could have ended if police hadn’t arrived so quickly. If there was no one there to help. If they were in a little town instead of in the middle of Paris. There are some excellent articles about the incident and associated topics in this week’s Libération. And there was also a very well conducted and respectful interview on last night´s ONPC with Laurent Ruquier:

This attack, and many others that take place every day, doesn’t exist in a vacuum. They’re part of a progression that kicks off with people portraying decent, law abiding LGBT individuals as inherently dangerous. Dangerous to society, and often even dangerous to children. This sets a chain of events into motion that has dire consequences.

Branyan & Child Rape

First I have to say Mr. Branyan continues sending emails. Now with links to paedophilia texts. He’s evidently a much more disturbed individual than I’d previously imagined. The regularity of his online hate speech should have been a clue he’s someone in profound psychological, perhaps even psychiatric, distress. Hate can act on the brain in ways similar to drug addiction.

The obvious problem with Mr. Branyan’s misleading statements is that in civilised societies we have the concept of consent. It’s a moral concept and it’s also a legal concept. Consent is the difference between a person entering your house as a guest, or trespassing. It’s the difference between someone borrowing your car or a thief stealing it. It’s the difference between consensual sexual relations and rape. But most importantly in regards to his comment is that every civilised country without exception has established that children are not capable of making major life decisions. Children cannot drink, drive, enter legal contracts, join the military, or consent to sexual activity.

When Mr. Branyan says the world’s doors are open to paedophilia because of homosexuality, he’s promoting the rape of children; Because children are not capable of consent. To say the two things are the same is to set aside the fundamental factors that separate legality and illegality in sexual activity: age and consent.

This variety of narrative is exceptionally dangerous because the vast majority of LGBT people lead decent, respectable lives. We go to school, we work, we fall in love, we have friends and family. We pay taxes. We get up every day and we do our best to make our way through this life without hurting anyone. Just like everyone else. So when our sexual orientation is put on the same level as heinous criminal activity – we are being demeaned and dehumanised. We are being wrongfully accused of activity that causes harm to our fellow citizens. By creating this false narrative, people like Mr. Branyan are damaging society. They’re damaging real lives. The result is often violence, sometimes death. In Brazil alone an LGBT person is murdered for being LGBT every 16 hours. Decapitations, stonings and other forms of extreme violence are not uncommon. The people in the picture below were all victims of murders last year.


The Dangerously Triggered John Branyan

UPDATE: Branyan has now used the contact form on this site three times in less than 20 hours. He’s normally very happy to leave comments anywhere and everywhere with his hate speech, but he went very quiet after I announced blog owners had access to the IP’s of people leaving comments.

Just to recap, moments after this site went up Branyan organised a dump of comments defending him. It turns out all were routed from servers in his close vicinity. In all likelihood members of his religious extremist circle (if not Branyan himself.)

His knowledge on the issue is so limited he thinks that by using the WP email function instead of writing a comment his details will be hidden. They’re not.

Time: April 4, 2019 at 5:47 pm
IP Address: xx.45.142.24
Contact Form URL:

Sent by a verified user.

All roads lead back to places close to Kokomo, Indiana.

I’m now investigating his links to Crossroads Church in Danville and will report on that shortly. They may be at least in part the source of the hate propaganda he’s been disseminating online.

John Branyan and his Neo-Nazi Views on Genocide

From April 7th to July 15th, 1994, between 500 thousand and 1,000,000 Tutsis, Twa, and moderate Hutus were murdered in the Rwandan genocide by people who believed they were part of a “more evolved culture”.

From 1941 to 1945 around 6 million European Jews were murdered by people who thought they were part of a “more evolved culture”

Rummel estimates a total death toll of 17,267,000 African slaves during the Atlantic Slave Trade. This was the result of an ideology that believes it’s acceptable to exterminate, what in their opinion is, a less evolved culture.

A Rwandan boy covers his face from the stench of dead bodies, July 19, 1994

John Branyan: Supporting Slavery & Endorsing Murder


Let’s hope the people of the Christian Comedy Association mentioned below know who they have in their ranks. This is one of many comments made by Branyan which qualify as hate speech. 

J. Earle

M. Simpson

R. Roberts

C. Kaiser