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Branyan & Child Rape

First I have to say Mr. Branyan continues sending emails. Now with links to paedophilia texts. He’s evidently a much more disturbed individual than I’d previously imagined. The regularity of his online hate speech should have been a clue he’s someone in profound psychological, perhaps even psychiatric, distress. Hate can act on the brain in …

The Dangerously Triggered John Branyan

UPDATE: Branyan has now used the contact form on this site three times in less than 20 hours. He’s normally very happy to leave comments anywhere and everywhere with his hate speech, but he went very quiet after I announced blog owners had access to the IP’s of people leaving comments. Just to recap, moments …

John Branyan and his Neo-Nazi Views on Genocide

From April 7th to July 15th, 1994, between 500 thousand and 1,000,000 Tutsis, Twa, and moderate Hutus were murdered in the Rwandan genocide by people who believed they were part of a “more evolved culture”. From 1941 to 1945 around 6 million European Jews were murdered by people who thought they were part of a …

John Branyan: Supporting Slavery & Endorsing Murder

  Let’s hope the people of the Christian Comedy Association mentioned below know who they have in their ranks. This is one of many comments made by Branyan which qualify as hate speech.  J. Earle M. Simpson R. Roberts C. Kaiser